About Janet D. Foster

Janet is a veteran of local, state and national political campaigns and has worked on communication teams in both Florida and California. Janet has an extensive background in healthcare policy and as a former healthcare executive, she is well versed in multiple segments of the healthcare industry. Janet is known as a Consumer Healthcare Expert and Political Commentator, but as a host, her strengths are presenting the hot topics of the day in simple terms for the audience and empowering individuals to join in on the dialogue.

Janet earned a BA in Communications from the University of South Florida and an MBA from St. Mary’s College of California. Janet is also freelance journalist based in the Los Angeles area where she covers politics, consumer healthcare, entertainment, pop culture and current events. Janet enjoys college and professional sports as well watching foreign films and television shows. You can follow Janet on Facebook at Janet Foster and on Instagram and Twitter @JanetDFoster.

The Janet Foster Show

A news show for GenXrs, Millennials and the cool Baby Boomers who are moderate and independent thinkers. The show features local, state and national organizations as well as everyday people stepping up as activists advocating for issues and concerns that are current events, business, personal development, public policy and entertainment related subjects.

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